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Minimum and maximum enrollment has been established for all programs. To insure a position in the class of your choice, advance pre registration by FAX or E-mail. Upon receipt of the registration application (see current list of courses — registration application can be obtained by contacting us as noted below), we will then acknowledge your pre registration (if a position is available in the course you have selected) by sending you an invoice, hotel information and other materials by FAX and/ or Express Mail. No tuition checks will be accepted unless we have invoiced you previously.  Approximately 3 to 4 weeks prior to the actual start date of the course(s) you plan to attend, you will receive a “confirmation letter” from us by FAX and/or E-mail. Please note that your registration is not complete until you receive this letter.

We recommend that discounted airline tickets NOT be purchased prior to receipt of written confirmation of your attendance to the course(s).


Due to the rigorous class hours, it is suggested that students stay at the Course Headquarters (the hotel where classes are conducted) if at all possible. The hotels utilized for our programs are pleasant, quality hotels and are well suited for the pace of the programs. In keeping with the current economic times, the accommodations we have selected vary greatly in cost from city to city in an effort to satisfy the needs and desires of all prospective students. We have contracted luxury hotels in some cities, while in other cities we utilize more modest accommodations. Group rates have been obtained for all courses and may be evaluated prior to registration simply by contacting our Office for information regarding rates of specific hotels prior to enrollment.


The courses described above provide a comprehensive foundation upon which “on the job” experience can be built without the enormous interpretative errors, conceptual misunderstandings and very low quality data frequently characteristic of “self taught” cardiac ultrasound. The scope, execution and structure of the short term programs we offer have evolved through Mr. Brown’s extensive experience in past educational programs over the last 45+ years so as to optimize the usefulness of the courses in day to day clinical ultrasound. We believe these courses to be the finest and most comprehensive short term training available for adult cardiac or carotid ultrasound. For this reason, they are also the most rigorous such courses of their kind. For more than 40 years, courses of this design conducted by Mr. Brown have served as the “gold Standard” for short term education in echocardiography and cardiac Doppler.  They have now gained a similar reputation in carotid ultrasound in labs that also perform cardiac studies. For a current list of CME credits available for each program, contact our Office as noted below.


In an attempt to guide study and to inform students of their own progress, the effectiveness of the Level One Cardiac Ultrasound Program for Sonographers, the Level Two Cardiac Ultrasound Program for Sonographers and the Level Two Cardiac Ultrasound Program for Physicians are evaluated by objective examinations. Successful completion of the objective examinations is required for technologists who wish a “Certificate of Completion” for these particular courses. Physicians who successfully complete the examinations for the Level Two Cardiac Ultrasound Program for Physicians will receive a “Certificate of Completion” while those who do not will receive a “Certificate of Attendance”.  For a current list of CME credits available for each program, contact our Office as noted below.


No audio or video recording devices are permitted in any of our classes. Duplication of copyrighted material prohibited.

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